Weaves and Hair Extensions - What's the Difference?

If you are a person interested in hair extensions, you must have heard this question over and over again. Even if you are not a person who is hair and beauty language savvy, you must have heard or maybe even asked this question yourself. Are weaves and extensions the same thing? The short version of the answer is the same as all thumbs are fingers but not all fingers are thumbs.

Hair extensions and hair weaves are terms that are often used interchangeable but in essence, they are actually not the same. Extensions are used by women across the racial board to add length and volume to their hair. There are various types of extensions available in the market and weaves are just some of them. This brings us to the question, what exactly is a weave?

A 'weave' is a term used to refer to synthetic or human hair made into a weft that is then woven into a braided hairstyle to give a new look. It is done by first making cornrow braids and then using a needle to sew in the weft extensions into the braid. Weaves are usually good for six to eight weeks but you need to make sure you are choosing the right type of hair extension before you go ahead. I usually shop online here and I browse the different lengths, colours and types of hair extensions before I decide on the look I want.

I know that up to this point you may be wondering why anyone would go through all that. After all, it sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, for most people of colour, weaves are a lifesaver. They do not only change a person's appearance but they also aid in getting longer, thicker hair. This is because a weave extension does not use any chemicals, heat fusion or glues meaning that your hair is spared from all these harmful processes. Apart from this, they are also versatile in that you are able to get a new hair colour without necessarily having to put your hair through the harsh bleaching process. All in all, weaves are a great way to give your natural hair a break and still ensure that you have a beautiful hairstyle.

Now that you know what a weave is and that it is one of the many hair extensions out there, I am sure you are wondering if it is better than the other types of extensions in the market. The answer is that all extensions have their pros and cons but yes, in some cases, they might work out better than other types of extensions. If you want the volume without having to get a whole head of cornrows done and you want something more permanent than clip-ins, then you could get a few wefts of a weave sewed into your hair in a method known as track and sew. For this hairdo, the wefts you choose have to be the same length as your actual hair so as to ensure the hairdo looks believable, for more information visit this page which will help you understand the looks and styles of permanent weft hair extensions.

As a parting shot, it would do you good to keep in mind that your hair, like your skin, is exposed to extreme external conditions that are not exactly suitable for healthy hair growth. The heat and humidity of the weather as well as chemical usage in the colouring and straightening processes are some of the major troubling causes of hair loss. Hair extensions in general have proven to be of great help in battling hair loss, particularly, weaves. The full coverage they give to hair ensures that your hair is protected from the extreme weather and that it is given the break it needs after a heat and chemical damage.