Tested and Proven Benefits of Pilates

If you have heard about Pilates and how they work? What about clinical Pilates? Pilates is a system of exercise that is designed to enhance mental awareness and improve physical strength. 

Clinical Pilates is simply a branch of Pilates that focuses on flexibility, breathing, strength, control, balance, focus, core strengthening and posture. Below are some tested and proven benefits of clinical Pilates you need to know:

It's physical activity

Engaging in a consistent physical activity is better than not having any. If you are active with clinical pilates, you will have an advanced and better state of overall health both mentally, physically and emotionally.

During exercise, your body produces hormones and endorphins that make you feel good and helps puts your mind at ease. Consistent physical exercise gives you more energy, makes you more productive, helps you to sleep better, and improves your ability to sleep. Clinical pilates gives all these benefits plus added bonus of low-stress.

Enhances your body’s stability

Clinical Pilates strengthens your muscles thereby helping your body to function and sound better. By exercising your hips and shoulders, you will give your body a better foundation to play, work, and move with.

Good for pregnant women

Studies show that clinical Pilates is good for pregnant women. Pregnant women have very specific needs and they are limited in terms of physical activity and diet. But, prenatal clinical Pilates will prepare them to deliver their babies safely and in good health.

Great rehab for an injury

As we rightly pointed above, clinical Pilate is an effective way to rehabilitate from an injury. It is good you meet a physiotherapists or physical therapists to assess your health- your posture, injury and imbalances.

They will help in offering you the right exercise you need to engage in as well as the one you need to avoid to prevent further agitation or injury.

Enhance coordination and balance 

When we talk of Pilates, we are merely referring to controlled, slow movement and coordination. Clinical pilates is perfect for older individuals and seniors, because it provides balance and coordination which prevent you from getting injuries.

Posture correction

Recent studies show that clinical Pilates plays a great role in making your body more balanced, stronger and injury resistant, while poor posture can lead to series of health complications, chronic pain and even surgery. If you visit a clinic such as Back In Motion who offer both clinical pilates and physiotherapy, they can ensure that you are undertaking the correct treatment and routines for muscle stability, functionality and improving your posture. Not all exercises will provide the same benefits so it is important that you follow a program tailored to your specific condition.

Injury prevention 

Those who lack muscular support experiences poor posture and imbalances; they are prone to more injuries than people with decent muscular strength, stability and good posture. Clinical pilates helps in correcting imbalances, improving your muscular strength and flexibility so that you can be more resistant to injury.